Accounting, auditing and consulting and more
Our services for foreign entrepreneurs
that are looking to set up in France

Chartered accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, Recruiters, Legal Advisers and Consultants:
our experts provide 360° support to managers in growing their business in France.

Are you a start-up, micro-enterprise, SME, mid-sized company or a Group that is looking to invest, open a branch or grow your business in France?

Are you an association, foundation or organisation that operates in the non profit sector that is looking to expand your activity into France?

Are you an individual who is looking for tax advice? (Tax planning, tax-efficient real estate investments, asset management advice?)

Accounting, legal, employment and tax advice: our services aim to make it easier for foreign companies and other structures to set up in France

Our international and multilingual team supports foreign executives in carrying out administrative formalities and procedures, and the administration and management of their tax and social security obligations in order to ensure that their operations run smoothly in France:

Accounting & Tax advising

Accounting (financial projections, reports and dashboards, etc.),

Consolidation of financial statements,

Reports in line with the standards applicable in your country of origin (US GAAP, HGB, IFRS, etc.),

Due diligence, acquisitions, equity transactions,

Dividend, royalty and cross-border interest payments,

Tax management for your entity: taxation, tax planning, transfer pricing, international VAT advice, double tax treaties, Permanent Tax Establishment,

Finance: From business start-ups to personal and professional real estate investments and external growth.
Our experts can help you to find financing and partners such as Bpifrance and COFACE (guarantees and insurance),

Wealth tax and real estate tax: Furnished rentals (whether professional or not), tax-exempt real estate investments,

Employment law and payroll outsourcing

Employee shareholding,

Drafting contracts,

Payroll management, employment law advice (provide details based on employment offer). Social security regime for expatriates or seconded employees, making agreements more secure, social security compliance audit, company-wide agreements,

• Regulatory monitoring.


Ongoing legal monitoring, support with setting up businesses, formalities, choice of articles of association, approval of financial statements, etc..

Statutory and contractual auditing: Endrix can help to ensure that your business complies with French laws

Our certified experts carry out all forms of audit on your business activities in France (statutory audits and contractual audits to ensure the accuracy of accounts): audits of subsidiaries and branches, small entities and start-ups, companies and large groups, associations or entities that operate in the Social and Solidarity Economy:

Statutory audits of companies, associations, foundations and other entities that operate in the Social and Solidarity Economy,

Contractual audits: audits in relation to capital contributions and mergers, audits in relation to company conversions, valuation and acquisition audits for your business, subsidiary, association, etc.

Statutory and voluntary audits of small entities, micro-enterprises and start-ups,

Statutory or voluntary audits of individual and consolidated financial statements: certification of accounts for companies, large groups and non-profit organisations.

Recruitment, CSR strategy, Digital Transformation: Endrix provides organisations that are looking to develop their business in France with advice on their growth, management, responsibilities and performance

In addition to accounting, tax and social security matters, our consultants and experts use all their expertise and all the solutions available to them to create an environment conducive to the development and success of your projects in France:

• Recruitment
Our consultants offer support not only with recruiting key personnel but also in developing their skills (through coaching, skills assessment, etc.).

• Digital Transformation
When it comes to digitising your business, monitoring indicators and ensuring GDPR compliance, our experts’ advice will help to make your transformation a success.

Our teams help you to design, manage and monitor your CSR approach so that you can integrate it as a strategic focus of your overall performance: CSR audits, non-financial performance declarations, multi-capital accounting, CSR reports, CSR strategies, carbon footprints, etc.