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Tax advising, Auditing
and Business Consulting.

Crossing borders together

We are a team of key partners for company leaders, working alongside them to meet the challenges inherent in the growth, management, responsibility and performance of their organisation.
Drawing on our core expertise in financial and accounting, we facilitate each stage
of their professional and personal development.
We mobilise all our expertise and solutions to create the right conditions for you to lead your projects to success.
We add value in three ways: securing your business, providing support and informing your decision-making.


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Endrix’s international team


Managing Partner since 2000, Vincent Domon dedicated most of his activity to international activities. With his team and partners, he is involved into the welcoming of foreign entities as well as helping foreign entrepreneurs to go abroad. He is also very committed into IECnet, one of the top 30 networks in the world which he is chairing for the second time since October 2020 Vincent believes that understanding foreign cultures is just as important as complying with tax obligations. Last but not least, he does like travelling.


Graduated as a chartered accountant and auditor in 1989, Marie-Christine Mehenni founded in 1993 an accounting and auditing firm, which she merged with the Endrix group in 2012; She has specialized for 30 years in advising international companies setting up in France. As a dual national, it is important for her to take into consideration cultural differences and take the time to accompany foreign entrepreneurs enabling them to avoid traps, especially fiscal traps associated with international business, optimizing thereby their international expansion; involved in the profession's audits as an Article 66 auditor, she then became involved in various international networks of chartered accountants and auditors, enabling her to broaden her technical knowledges across borders. .


Enma has a degree in accountancy from Peru (her country of birth) and a French master’s degree (DEA) in economic sciences, and qualified as a French accountant in 2013. She began working in 2004 and became a Partner in 2020. During her career, she has managed accountancy assignments and advisory assignments for SMEs, jointly managed the auditing department and developed expertise in the field of consolidation. Enma provides support on all financial management, accounting, corporate and legal issues and specialises in consolidation. She is Endrix’s representative on COCEF (Chambre Officielle de Commerce d’Espagne en France - Official Chamber of Commerce of Spain in France) and CEMF (Chambre Économique du Mexique en France - Economic Chamber of Mexico in France).

Our areas of expertise

Our multilingual team can help you with tax, accounting, HR and intercultural issues.

Drawing on our core expertise in financial, accounting, HR and legal management, we facilitate each stage of your organisation’s development.

Tax Advising

We work with you to implement management tools and methods to suit your business. We analyse your financial data to advise you on steering your business strategy.


Legal or contractual audits: we guarantee a true and fair view of your accounts in compliance with the fundamental principles of conduct set out in the code of ethics for statutory auditor.

Employment law & payroll outsourcing

Our experts
can support
with all
aspects of your
resources management.


Start-ups, legal affairs and restructuring:
we operate in the field of company law, supporting
managers with all
the legal
aspects of
their projects.

Tax advising

Recruitment, CSR strategy, Digital Transformation

Recruitment, digital transformation, finance, CSR, private management and benefits plans, real estate tax…
Our experts and consultants can also advise you on handling your strategic, operational and personal development issues.

Work with talented teams
to receive better support

We are a stakeholder in our professional ecosystem through our membership of recognised networks. We have correspondents who show a thorough understanding of their environments in every region of France and in most countries around the world.


The IECnet network : An international presence

The IECnet network, comprising more than 80 professional members from the accounting and auditing sectors in 65 countries across the globe, aims to support companies with their international development issues (taxation, regulatory issues, intercultural challenges, etc.).

Created in 1987 at the initiative of our company, and currently in the form of an Law of 1901 association, this network is fundamental to our international presence and the service we are able to provide to our clients.
Endrix is therefore able to access the expertise of IECnet members to meet its clients’ needs both locally and internationally.

Logo Alliance Eurus

Eurus Alliance 

With around forty member firms, Eurus is present in 199 towns or cities in France.
It builds on the diversity and variety of its member firms to enrich their thinking, and to develop and share innovative tools and methods.

The ATH technical association

The ATH technical association, with its 26 firms and over 2,000 employees, was created so that its member audit and accounting firms could pool their resources and thereby enhance the quality of the services they provide (strategic intelligence, research, training, quality control, etc.).

Endrix, continually raising the bar

Our quality approach

In order to continuously improve our processes and to best meet the expectations of our customers and employees, we are ISO 9001 certified across the Lyon, Paris, Avignon, Nîmes and Cavaillon sites.

Our accreditations

Endrix is accredited in France by COFRAC (3-1800) as an independent third party (ITP) certified to audit CSR reports and extra-financial performance declarations.
As an ITP, we also recently received notification of our “operational admissibility” to carry out audit assignments for purpose-driven companies. This makes Endrix one of the first 6 organisations that submitted an application for accreditation and whose admissibility has been accepted.

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17 January 2023
As a reminder, the obligation to use electronic invoicing comes from an EU provision. In France, according to the order of 26 June 2014, public sector suppliers must already invoice electronically; The obligation of e-invoicing concerning other companies had been postponed till now.
Building sector: eco-contribution
20 December 2022
From the 1st of January 2023: the eco-contribution also targets the building sector.This contribution concerned till now companies in the production or marketing of electrical, electronic and furniture products.
1 August 2022
The PEPA or “Macron bonus” is back! It’s now called the : "La Prime de Partage de la Valeur" (PPV) and there are new tax and social security rules to follow. While the legislative decree is yet to be issued, here are the initial contents of the draft :